• Spritkosten senken - Speditionen

    How freight forwarders reduce fuel costs

  • Katalytische Ionisierung mit DRION POWER

    Catalytic fuel ionization

  • Sprit sparen im Strassenverkehr

    Saving fuel in road traffic

Save fuel and reduce fuel costs for trucks, ships and motor vehicles

Greater range with less fuel through effective ionisation technology.

Cut costs, stay competitive and protect the environment with

How to reduce fuel costs, stay competitive and score points with environmentally conscious customers

Are you looking for further savings potential in your company or shipping fleet to remain competitive?

Then DRION POWER®® is your ideal partner:

  • Easy to install (even when changing vehicles)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Swift amortisation
  • Tried and tested over hundreds of thousands of kilometres

If, in the future, at the end of a tour there will be ten to fifteen percent more fuel in the tank of your truck, vehicle or ship, you will be able to thank DRION POWER®®

With DRION POWER®® werden die Sprit-Kosten gesenkt und Sie haben es leichter, sich im Preiskampf gegen Ihren stärksten Konkurrenten durchzusetzen. Und weil manchmal günstigere Preise allein immer noch nicht genug sind, können Sie durch den DRION POWER® zusätzlich mit einem klimabewussten Image punkten!

Numerous references (on request) prove the effectiveness of this exceptional technology.

Sprit sparen mit DRION POWER ®

"Already in the test phase we were surprised by the saving in diesel consumption of our trucks by 2.5 l / 100 km. We therefore commission you to gradually equip our fleet."

F.K., Forwarder Munich (Name on request)

Sprit sparen durch Katalytische Ionisierung von Treibstoff

Successfully in use for over hundreds of thousands of kilometers since 2005

No malfunctions, costs reduced, fuel saved and the environment protected!

Our customers include haulage companies with fleets of up to 140 trucks, some of which also equip their diesel forklift trucks with DRION POWER®. Feel free to ask for our persuasive references.® ausstatten. Fordern Sie gern aussagekräftige Referenzen an.

In container shipping, the DRION POWER®® helps to cut fuel and costs just as much as it does in larger field service fleets. We would be happy to give you an insight into our references

Depending on the size of the vehicle fleet and mileage, the investment in DRION POWER® can pay for itself in just a few months.® innerhalb weniger Monate.

Please feel free to enquire about the different ways of testing DRION POWER® at no risk to you.® to test risk-free

Zwischen mehr als zwei und gut vier Liter auf hundert Kilometer Ersparnis können auch Sie mit dem DRION POWER® erzielen!

What else do you need to know to decide in favor of DRION POWER®?® zu entscheiden?

Because it's just easier with the right polarity...

What does DRION POWER® do®?

Simply stated: DRION POWER®® releases an electron from the fuel atom and thereby changes the charge of the fuel atom. This altered charge makes for a Reduction of fuel consumptionThe removal of the electron is called ionization. The ionization by the DRION POWER®® takes place with no external energy supply. Because the module is particularly light, it makes no difference in the calculation of loading capacities.

Your durable, maintenance-free partner when it comes to increased range, lower costs, greater competitiveness and a climate-friendly image: DRION POWER®®, made in Germany.

Our modules are suitable for fuels such as petrol, gas, diesel, biodiesel and fuels of vegetable origin. They can be installed on engines without any changes to the fuel line and without interfering with the vehicle, engine or system technology. The modules can continue to be used after a change of vehicles.

In addition to the standard products, special designs for almost all areas of application are possible.

Sprit sparen ohne Eingriff am Auto mit DRION POWER ®
DRION POWER® ist für Kraftstoffe wie Benzin - Gas - Diesel - Biodiesel

And what can this mean for your heating bill...?

Heating costs fall by up to 15.9 percent!

Do you heat your company building, rental property or your private residence with gas or oil?

Dann können Sie mit dem DRION POWER® Then you can with the DRION HEAT® Noticeably lower your costs and in turn do something good for the environment.

Sprit sparen im Strassenverkehr

Save fuel

Expansion in allen Bereichen

Save Energy

Schonung der Umwelt

Protect Environment


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